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Saddle Tor Guide | Dartmoor Bouldering Contents

Dave H on Super Dancing Trooper V9 6c Saddle Tor

Pose. Feel the holds! Stick your right foot on a dink!

Pull on. Squeeeeze a bit to get your ....

... right hand across - bit of a slap for the weak! Move your right foot onto another dink then ....

... get your left hand onto right hand starting hold.

Move your right hand across further right. Then ...

...match. Get your right foot on little crystal thing and ...

... crank up right. Have a little think then ....

stick your left foot high on good hold (the less flexible may wish to remove the right foot from the lower hold first!!). Rock up and left ...

... to the sidepull (good move for bulging muscle back photos - if you have a bulging back that is!)

Get your left foot across onto foothold and stretch left to crystally sloper (hurts your left shoulder if you left foot pops off here!)

Stick your right foot on good foothold, flag, then bring right hand into sidepull, which feels quite nice.

Stretch your left hand out to sloper which feels a bit poor but improves as you get your weight underneath it.

Do some footwork then bring your right into the crystally sloper thing.

Do some more footwork then up left to a reasonable crimp.

Get your right foot up...

... and lay one on for the a good edge!

Match and finish direct ... easier but a little high.




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