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SX665 863

This crag is found to the West of Chagford (aka. "Chaggyford, that cold place where ole nick died o cold"). There are a handful of short routes that the competent can treat as extended boulder problems. There is also potential for new problems...if you're keen and have a brush!

Approach: From Chagford pick up signs for Kestor RockWhen approaching from the road a steep wall can be seen on the right (ie. Roughly SW facing).

The problems/routes are described from L to R.

Perspiration HVS 5b
The overhanging, fine grained nose of rock on the left. Finish pretty much direct with much roundness.

Brown Oasis Severe
Climbs the corner to the R of the previous route to join it for the rounded top out.

Kes E4 6a
Starting to the R of the corner climb direct, via a groove, to gain a hollow sounding flake (gear). Above here a rounded finish lurks and proves to be the crux.

Sigg-y Stardust VS 5b
On the R side of the wall is a large jug - from here gain a scoop above and finish direct.

Wart-Ho VD
The line R of Sigg-y Stardust.

Warts'n'All Diff
The line R again.


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