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Crocker Adds Posh New E6 6b+ to Exmoor Coast

Over the last few years there has been significant development on the Exmoor Coast, much of which was by that man Crocker. One of his most significant additions is his new line at Little Hangman's Crag. GR 585481, which takes an impressive traverse above the cave.

He Sang in His Chains Like the Sea E6 6b+
Starts on the far right of the cave about 10 ft out from the lip. Take a selection of small cams. 1) Climb the broken face to a block on the left and climb round this using a small finger crack. Belay above off 2 pegs and iron rod just at cave roof. 2) Start off left using large but well spaced holds (2 pegs), then continue traversing across the lip (small cams in finger cracks at about head height) to a blank slab. Reach up and over a small lip to gain a rest at some large jugs. From small finger cracks on right stretch left around the triangular perched block jutting out from the roof about 2-3 foot, then strenously stretch up and left to gain better holds. Continue traversing left to a grove and a clean slab… climb this directly over a small lip and finish off left over broken, lose lichen covered rock. FA Martin Crocker, Liam Connick 8/2002

He Sang his Chains...He sang in his chains...


Little Hangman's Topo

Many thanks to Carl Ryan for the photos.


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