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New British Climbing Film: Sea Fever, Classic Climbs of Pembroke

How to get your copy

It’s out! Eight months in the making, ‘Sea Fever, Classic Climbs of Pembroke’, hits the video and DVD market courtesy of film-makers Hang Loose. Indulging the viewer with a selection of compelling Pembroke classics, the film supplies a visual feast of sun-drenched seascapes, and nail-biting adventure climbing action on Britain’s favourite sea cliffs.

Sea Fever has been produced by Hang Loose: climber Martin Crocker, photographer Carl Ryan and freelance film-maker Peter Hall, with Crocker hanging up his boots for the year to take the Director’s chair. Three cameras, broadcast-quality kit, and a humongous effort has seen economic sense thrown out of the window in their quest to do Pembroke justice.

Sea FeverReported to be longer than Lord of the Rings (Part 1), this epic film which is available as a double-video cassette (and DVD, in the New Year), cuts a staggering 3 ½ hour path towards ‘the Guinness Book of Long Climbing Film Records’. The good, the bad, and the lovely - they’re all there, as the film ricochet’s between the smooth, the cool to the completely out-of-control. ‘It’s a people’s film’, according to Crocker, ‘and somewhere within its 14 episodes you’ll see yourself and the experiences you’ll have while climbing in Pembroke.’

Find out how White Heat toys with Ben Heason’s psyche, what Gary Gibson has to say about ‘the establishment’, whether ‘Nipper’ Harrison can hack it on Lucky Strike, and share in Pat Littlejohn’s reflections on ethics as he traverses Zodiac above a thundering sea. Get spooked with Jane as she gets set up big-time by Dave Viggers on Preposterous Tales, take a trip into mysterious Range West with activists Emma Alsford and Paul Donnithorne, or spend a dark winter’s evening watching the beautiful and cloudless Blue Sky with Hazel and Steve Findlay. And what did go on in ‘the Leap’, and did Dave Pickford managed to resist ‘falling towards England’ near the Green Bridge?

There’s a lot more too, with other climbs featured including:

Red Wall, Diedre Sud, Bludgeon, Manzoku, Sinecure, Herod, The Beast from the Undergrowth, Hunter-Killer, Class of ’86, and Always the Sun.

According to Carl Ryan: ‘You’ll need a specially reinforced Christmas stocking to hold this film!’

How to get your copy!!

Note: Hugely reduced price!

The double-video cassette is now available at the massively reduced price of £14.99 (excluding postage and packing: £2.75*) by payment of cheque to: ‘Hang Loose films’.

If you fancy the double DVD it's £19.99 + £1postage.

Send payment including a covering note containing your name, address and quoting referer: "javu" to

Hang Loose films, 3 Cotswold Close, Fforestfach, Swansea SA5 5AZ.

Turnaround time, and receiving your copy, is dependent on clearance of your cheque and the post. Postal Orders will be a quicker method of payment, or alternatively it will be possible to pick up in person a copy from the producers upon making a cash payment (for further details ring Martin Crocker: 01275 394064 or email Carl Ryan: redmist7@dsl.pipex.com). .

* UK price. P&P charges elsewhere: Europe £4.00, North America £6.50, rest of World £7.00.

producers’ notes:
1. Video is VHS (PAL) format.
2. Any copy found to be defective upon receipt can only be replaced if returned to Hang Loose at the above address; refunds can not be given.

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