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About Dartmoor Bouldering

Dartmoor, as well as being an exceptionally beautiful National Park, provides a plentiful supply of excellent granite bouldering.

Over recent years bouldering on The Moor has become a more widely practised pastime, unlike back in the Ye Olde Days when locals treated it merely as an apres -"proper climbing" thing to do. Consequently there are now hundreds of new proplems, a handful of new venues and even a few teams of regulars (not to mention visitors, "vorineers uz do call em").

Those who enjoy a bit of peace and quiet in splendid situations will revel in the delights of The Moor. There is a wide variety of settings from open moorland to woodland and each crag has it's own unique texture to keep you interested.

Dartmoor granite can be a little unforgiving - it's pretty sharp! Some climbers aren't too keen on this but when you get used to it and adopt a more static, controlled style it's really not too bad... another top tip is don't have too many attempts on the same problem!

... and remember on many of the Moor's problems a bad foothold in the right place can be better than a good foothold in the wrong place!!


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