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An unfinished page! Here we will have reviews of books and guides, and the chance to buy them! For the time being try the NeedleSports website.

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South West

Climbing Guides

South Devon and Dartmoor Author Nick White Publisher Cordee Description: An excellent book which is sure to have a good influence on future guides! A work of art... if you don't have it buy one... that's what I reckon anyway, but I have heard that some visitors or climbers that familiar with the areas have had problems locating some routes. I personally can't comment as I know the area too well!

South Devon and Dartmoor Supplement Author Dave Henderson contact for copy Description: Updates the Nick White Guide, and for most routes needs to be used in conjunction with that guide. Further details on the area

North Devon and Cornwall Author Brian Wilkinson and David Hope Publisher The Climbers Club 2000 Description: A very good guide to a superb area, although at times access desciptions can be a little tricky to follow if you're new to areas.

The Cheesewring and Inland Cornwall Author Sean Hawken Publisher St. Ives Publishing Company Description: A guide to this strange and often neglected area! Has an awesomely detailed History section; some will like this and some won't! Without this it would be a bit too thin!

West Cornwall Authors Loads of 'em, edited by Nigel Coe Publisher The Climbers Club Description See Revu and also further details on the area

Cornish Rock Authors Tim Dennell and Rowland Edwards Description: A chunky photo diagram guide to West Penwith. A selected climbs guide so useful to visitors, and also handy for locals as it gives clear pictures of the crags. The only real drwaback is it's size, but I guess it needed to be big to fit in the photos; what does seem strange is that the same routes are written-up more than once if they are featured on more than one topo. This guide will no doubt inspire others to make better use of photos and other pictorial aids to help people get to the crags and find the routes.

Dorset Rockfax Author Pete Oxley Publisher Rockfax 2000 Description This is the second edition of this guide and features a flippin load of routes! Another user friendly guide from the rockfax geezas, concentrating on sport climbs but also featuring a welcome selection of Swanage trad routes. It is THE Portland guide, but if you want to do much at Swanage the CC guide will also be of use.

Swanage and Portland Author Nigel Coe Publisher The Climbers Club Where the Rockfax is the best guide for Portland, this one is the essential one if you fancy more than a little dabble with Swanage.

South West Climbs Author Pat Littlejohn Publisher Diadem 1991 Description: A selected climbs guide to The South West. This is the second edition by all time gnarly dood Pat Littlejohn and is, I reckon, a very good buy. It was the first guide I owned and I spent many an hour studying and being inspired by its varied selection of routes.

Lundy Authors Paul Harrison and Gary Gibson Publisher The Climbers Club 1994 Description The Lundy Guide! Full of inspirational routes. A supplement guide is downloadable from The Climbers Club Further new route details can be found on the javu new routes page.
Further details on Lundy


Climbing Guides

Pembroke CC Authors John Harwood, Dave Viggars et al Publishers The Climbers Club 1995 Description: A twin volume guide covering both North and South Pembroke. The Climbers Club have also produced a Supplement.

Pembroke Author Publisher Rockfax Description: More of a selected Climbs guide covering only South Pembroke, and not all the crags. However, it is a very user friendly guide!

The Gower and SE Wales CC Publisher The Climbers Club Description: South Wales has only really got famous in Climbing circles for Pembroke...this guide shows what else the area has, and there's quite a lot! Covers Ogmore as well.




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